Simi Valley Carpet Cleaners

man cleaning a carpet

Hello, and welcome to our website. We guess that you are here looking for carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning is the process of removing stains and dirt from carpet regularly in order to maintain it and keep it in good condition. At Carpet Cleaning Simi Valley, we use the most effective and efficient tools, materials, and equipment to carry out the processes involved in carpet cleaning. Our teams of cleaners are highly skilled and industrious, knowledgeable and efficient at their tasks. Over the years, we’ve been able to ensure that our clients get the best carpet cleaning service and also guidelines on how best to maintain their various carpets. The common methods used to clean carpets are hot water extraction, dry cleaning and vacuuming.

Hot Water Extraction
Hot water extraction popularly and professionally known as HWE is the most effective carpet cleaning method that involves using an equipment to spray hot water and detergent on the carpet and at the same time extracting the hot water, detergent and dirt from the carpet and stains are washed away. There are problems that may arise from this method due to certain kind of carpet’s reactions to steam or heat. Some may shrink or become fuzzy which would ultimately destroy the carpet. However, these effects or problems can be avoided if the process is carried out by a professional carpet cleaner.

Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that is expensive but faster and less arduous than other methods and the processes involved don’t destroy the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning systems such as Very Low Moisture (VLM) systems sometimes rely on specialized machines to be carried out. Carpets that are heavily soiled have a process whereby manual spotting, pretreatments, and cleaning agents like emulsifiers and detergents are applied. Emulsifiers are used to break the bond between the soils and the carpet to make the cleaning process smooth and easier.

Vacuuming involves vacuum washing which is a process that is effective and makes sure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. It uses a wash-head which sprays water only without detergent on the carpet and immediately removes it with suction. This process ensures that the carpet is cleaned deeply by extracting the dirt that is around the depth of half an inch from the carpet. This cleaning process is basic and doesn’t require the knowledge of a professional due to the fact that it does not require any washing agent that may stick to the carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning
There are several benefits of carpet cleaning but the most important one is that it helps your carpet last longer. There will be dirt and stains that will accumulate over the years of usage which may make it look old and worn but with professional carpet cleaning, it is sure to look new again. Another benefit of carpet cleaning is that it removes carpet stains and ensures the complete removal of dirt, odor and bacteria. In all, a clean carpet contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle and environment. It also ensures that your feet are safe to be bare.