Tile and Grout Cleaning

girl cleaning grout tile

Many people find it stressful and difficult to clean tile floors and walls by hand and quite impossible to achieve a deep cleaned surface. The grout and tile lines collect grimes, spills, dirt and stains over time which makes it really difficult to get it cleaned. Mopping your tile floor regularly in fact will still not do justice to the discolored lines and the dirt that lies deep in the tiles. This is why a professional tile and grout cleaning service is required to restore your tiles to their original clean and shiny state. At Carpet Cleaning Simi Valley, we ensure that the right method, equipment and tools are used for your tile and grout.

Tile and Grout Maintenance
Grout is the porous and light colored cement that keeps the tile together. Due to its porosity, it makes it easier to be stained, and damaged from spills or water. Newly fixed tile and grout are usually pleasant to the eyes until it starts getting stained and dirty due to lack of proper maintenance. An ill maintained grout can become cracked or mildewed which in turn can cause water to penetrate into the wall or floor and cause further damage. The major solution for a damaged or extremely damaged grout is replacement. However both tile and grout can be maintained with the following routines:

Regular Cleaning
Tiles and grout are to be cleaned regularly if they are to be properly maintained. If there’s a spill anywhere on the tile, it should be cleaned immediately in order to avoid permanent stains and damage on the tile and grout. To keep the tile and grout of bathrooms clean and properly maintained, you can get a squeegee to remove excess water from the tile and grout immediately after having your bath and also spray your tile and grout with a shower cleaner. These daily routines will save you a lot of stress from scrubbing and washing later on.

Weekly Routine
Weekly routine is where the deep cleaning is involved. Cleaning your tile and grout daily will do a lot of good to you but it doesn’t cut the fact that you need to also clean them every week or every two weeks as you choose. These cleaning routines will help you reduce cost of hiring professionals because there’s really nothing much after your daily and weekly cleaning routine. Cleaning your tile and grout weekly is a preventive measure against extreme damages that may be caused and also extra expenses that may be spent repairing these damages.

Hiring professional Tile and Grout Cleaners
It is understandable that virtually everyone is busy, and that is why we are available to take up the task for you. Contact us today to find out about our tile and grout cleaning services.