Floor Polishing

man floor polishing machine

In addition to carpet cleaning, we offer great floor polishing services that would make you proud of your home’s floor and be eager to show it off to friends, colleagues and families. A well-polished floor is the pride of a home owner and the service is an integral part of a building’s maintenance. Floors accumulate dust, dirt, soils and stains because it is always stepped on. In fact it is the most used part of a building and that is why it needs to be properly maintained, cleaned and polished on a regular basis. There are different types of floors and different ways of maintaining and polishing them as well as different methods and equipment to use. Some of the benefits of floor polishing are listed hereafter;

Destructive Factors
In a home where there are kids or parties or offices where there are a number of occupants, stains, marks, dirt and scratches are inevitable. Dragging of tables and chairs or walking and throwing things on the floor can result in scratches while spilling ink, drinks or other colored substances on the floor can cause it to be stained. Walking with soiled boot, shoes or feet can make the floor dirty and unpleasant to the eyes. All of these constitute to the destruction of the floor and makes its condition deteriorate if it’s not attended to immediately. However, using basic or regular cleaning materials might not do much to the damage caused which is why it is necessary to contact professional floor polishers.

Benefits of Floor Polishing
It’s quite easy to forget about the condition of your floor especially if you are the busy type. It is for this reason we have professionals who are willing to take on the task to relieve you of that responsibility. Thorough floor polishing will get rid of stains, marks, scratches, and dirt with techniques and the right tools and equipment. The major and most important factor to consider when cleaning and polishing your floor is usage of the right equipment. A good floor polishing will regain the lost shine of your floor and make it sparkle in a way that will make you happy and proud of your floor. Using water and detergent on your floor does not remove all the dirt and even makes your floor lose it’s shine easily. Polished floors create a beautiful interior to any home or office, and elevate the mood of the place.

Floor Polishing Process
The process of cleaning and polishing a floor is technical and requires the input of a specialist or professional in order not to make the condition worse than it was. We analyze the exact composition of the floor and the damages first, ensure that we remove all visible signs of dirt with a vacuum or a pressure washer before applying shining agents suitable to your type of floor. The shining process is repeated until the desired level of shine is realized.